Break Into VFX live stream

Break Into VFX: Office Hours with Aaron

Hello fellow student of VFX,

The transition of LearnVFX to the new format is underway and you can now find many of the original videos on YouTube. Plus… a brand new look for the newsletter!

I updated my Composting Checklist as a perk for new subscribers. Since you subscribed before it was available here it is: Compositing Checklist

The Compositing Checklist is a comprehensive list of all the details you should address when working on a final comp.

Over the coming months I will continue posting a selection of the original videos to YouTube while I work on recording and releasing new videos covering new features and advanced topics in Nuke.

To kick things off the for the new format I'm hosting my first Ask Me Anything livestream since offering my mentored courses years ago. This will be a great opportunity to ask questions regarding professional development and working in the industry.

Please consider stopping by to watch and say hello.

What: Break Into VFX: Office Hours with Aaron

When: Nov 4, 2023, 3:00 PM Mountain Time.

Where: The LearnVFX YouTube Channel

Here is the direct link to the stream.

If you click the bell icon you will get a reminder before the stream starts. Please consider subscribing to the LearnVFX YouTube channel and clicking the notification bell also if you haven't already done so. The YouTube channel will be my primary publishing outlet for videos moving forward with tips and tricks that are better suited to print being distributed via the newsletter and website.

I'll have the chat feature running so you can ask questions during the stream OR, you can ask them in advance in the YouTube Community post I made. I'll answer questions on that thread first in the live stream.

Thanks for your support so far. Hope to see you at the live stream!